As soon as you open the bag, you’re greeted with a powerful scent. Which is a good indicator to the taste of this particular blend, unlike other coffee’s where the end result doesn’t live up to the expectations from those first, initial whiffs.

Alpha Coffee Blend, Tactical Coffee
Alpha Coffee Blend.

Freshly roasted, the beans are towards the Darker side with a sheen off the flavorful oils breaking through. Bringing those big, almost coco-y? flavours to the surface.

I had some fun brewing this, putting it Head-to-Head with Charlie blend and experimenting with different methods and techniques. Using different equipment and even different cups.

Overall, it’s very well balanced and it was Alpha that ticked the most boxes. For me It’s easy to see why this has been the preferred blend for many, because quite simply, It Works.

To taste, I think this blend is clean and simple. There’s a sweet, almost caramelised sugar, finished off with dark chocolate-like notes and I think it would be a great After Dinner coffee.
Normally, I always lean towards a Strong, Black/ Americano type brew, maybe a cappuccino or something as a treat. But with this I much prefer it as a Latte. Very smooth and creamy in the mouth, with a slightly sweet but rich flavour that gives off a strong aroma that fills the house.

No matter how you like your coffee, ALPHA will deliver.

Review: Alex Henderson.

Alpha Coffee Blend.

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