Petrol bombs were thrown at houses and at police in for the second time in a week.

The first petrol bomb was thrown at the Fountain estate, hitting a house.

When police attended the scene, a second petrol bomb was thrown at their Land Rover, breaking a back window.

On Tuesday night, 14th July 2020, a petrol bomb was thrown at police in the Lecky Road area at about shortly after 22:00hrs.

About two hours later, a number of youths gathered in the area of Fahan Street and threw stones and a number of petrol bombs at police, damaging the windscreen of a police vehicle.

Operation Banner 1441
Youths Petrol Bombing Northern Ireland Police in a separate incident.

Petrol bombs were also thrown over the city’s walls.

PSNI Derry and Strabane District Commander said: “We understand the impact this type of anti-social and criminal activity has on residents in the area who have a right to live in peace and enjoy their homes.”

She also added: “I want to appeal to parents to know where their children are, who they are with and what they are doing. I would also urge those in the community to continue to use their influence to help prevent a repeat of this activity.

“And my appeal to anyone who has been involved, or anyone who is tempted to become engaged in this behaviour, to stop and consider the consequences of their actions, and desist immediately.”

These incidents are far from the troubles during ‘Operation Banner’ but are unwelcome all the same.

At total of 1,441 British Servicemen and women lost their lives during Operation Banner, the British Military’s longest operation. We do not want to see a return to these dark times.

To honour the 1,441 Tactical Coffee produced a Blend of Coffee named ‘1441 – Operation Banner’ and donates £1.00 from every sale to Veterans in Action a Veteran Charity.

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