SIMFX can create any injury from small lacerations to major trauma wounds; including gun shot and stabbings. SIMFX use a wide range of non-hazardous materials to create realistic illusions of major or minor injuries.

SIMFX is a small business owned and operated by Steve Offer. Steve spent 9 years in the British Army as a Combat Medic in the Royal Artillery and now works for the NHS Ambulance Service in the South of England.

Our aim is to simulate, with various cosmetic techniques, the effects of wounds, injuries and physical traumas as realistically as possible. This is based on the knowledge gained from over 28 years of combined medical service.

The realism provides a vital tool in the training of trauma and emergency response personnel. This can enhance the course assessments for first aid candidates and provides authenticity for film makers.

SIMFX can supply casualty actors; most of which are current/ex military or ambulance staff. The casualty actors know how to react to the treatment they are receiving because of their medical background and can assist in the debreifing of the students.


Metropolitan Police

Sussex Police

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

South East Coast Ambulance

International Location Safety (ILS)

H+S First Aid Training


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