Spectre Drone Services is a North Yorkshire based Drone consultancy providing aerial photography and video in one of the UK’s most scenic gems. We provide a professional service to an array of clients both commercially and private.

We are not bound by our North Yorkshire borders, we have the ability to deploy anywhere in the UK or abroad to enable you to achieve your aims.

Fully qualified and Insured, Spectre Drone Services will assist in planning your drone project; to include all considerations in regard to flight safety and the safety of property and the public.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes with a plethora of applications that they can be used for. Spectre Drone Services can provide a number of these services  throughout the UK.

Every job is different, each presenting its own challenges. We are meticulous planners although “no plan survives first contact”, so we must be adaptable to our environment. 

The planning phase of your project starts at the point of enquiry; we will guide you through what can or can not be achieved and help you come up with a solution. 

There are a number of considerations in the application of a drone to a project, we have undertaken the CAA approved qualifications and correct level of insurance (up to £1,000,000 – more if required) so that we can take all the legal precautions.

So if you have an idea of enhancing your business portfolio or have a job that requires working at height but want to save on scaffolding costs why not give us a call.

Spectre Drone Services

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